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Blockquote at head of Main Page

  1. This is our mission statement, and looks like an object-lesson in how to display text unattractively. Is there a user who could tart it up with some colour, maybe rounded corners, better proportions?
  2. The code specifying it is a mess too, because the coder (me) never learned CSS properly, and so scurries back to bog-standard HTML all the time. In a sense it doesn't matter, but it'll be visible to any user, and looks unprofessional. When we've got the mission statement looking how we want it to look, can somebody make the coding look elegant too?
  3. At this stage, I'd like to keep the text itself absolutely unchanged - we can think about changing it when the appearance is right. Which reminds me - can we text-protect just the blockquote? - Admin (talk) 22:58, 4 July 2018 (BST)

We need a logo, otherwise each page has a nasty yellowish smudge at its top left-hand corner. It needs to convey that we offer an even-handed dialogue between Indy and Union. Any graphic designers willing to contribute? Post on this page, or email

Page status

Some Wikipedia pages contain comments that highlight their status, like this one. The text-block at the top of 'Too wee, too poor, too stupid' (Union) needs a comment of this type, with colour and highlighting. It probably needs a template.